The most Complex Hello World program ever written and more Hyperbole

OK, I know. How is it that you can claim to make the most complex Hello World program ever written? Of course you could take my work add more to it and then you would have the most complex ever, but that's the beauty of Hyperbole!

The real question is why would anyone make the the first program that most of you have written more complicated?

Of course the answer is that the focus of this exercise is not to write a program which displays "Hello World" but rather one which illustrates the concepts of dependency injection (DI) and inversion of control (IOC) without the overhead of learning other concepts like MVC which depend on both.

Hopefully after you have had a chance to step through the code, you will get a better understanding of what is being done and why. And afterwards you would feel more comfortable to include in your own projects.

I have supplied a complete explanation of my work with supporting projects at the CodeProject site.

To learn more, go to CodeProject at:


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